Bearing protection ring

Bearing protection ring

8 new ratings added Features a Class H Inverter Ready insulation system Minimizes effects of shaft currents present in adjustable-speed motor applications

The company recently added 28 new ratings to its line of Baldor●Reliance Super-E motors with internal AEGIS Bearing Protection Ring. These new ratings consist of 1-hp to 40-hp open drip-proof motors (200V and 575V) as well as 5-hp to 15-hp totally enclosed fan cooled-designs (200V). According to the company, this internally mounted design minimizes the effects of shaft currents that can be present in adjustable-speed motor applications. Providing the shaft ground mounted internally on the motor in industrial HVAC and pumping applications greatly minimizes the potential for damage to the grounding device. This line of motors is constructed with heavy-duty frames and cast endplates, is suitable for mounting in any position, and features a Class H Inverter Ready insulation system.

Baldor Electric Co.

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