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Bolted tee connector

Bolted tee connector

  Designed to accommodate cable diameters up to 800 mm2, the 36(42)kV bolted tee connector for is suitable for off-shore wind farm environments.


The 36(42)kV bolted tee connector for IEC-rated wind farm applications is designed to meet higher voltage ratings and cable diameters up to 800 mm2. The fully-screened tee connector can be used for indoor and outdoor installations, and is suitable for harsh, off-shore wind farm environments. In addition, the 1,250A device features a pre-molded separable connector that allows users to quickly and easily connect polymeric cable to transformers, switchgear, motors, and other electrical equipment equipped with a ā€œCā€ interface as specified by CENELEC EN 50180 and 50181.

Cooper Power Systems

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