Platinum Tools bridle rings and beam clamps

Bridle rings and beam clamps

Threaded screw bridle rings JH966-100 beam clamp is for 1/8-in. to ½-in. flanges JH967-100 beam clamp requires only a hammer to install

Five threaded screw bridle rings and two beam clamps have been added to the company’s line of low-voltage cable management solutions. Offered in various diameter sizes and standard thread configurations, the bridle rings attach with beam clamps on flanges up to a ½ in. Beam clamps include the JH966-100 for 1/8-in. to ½-in. flanges, which supports ¼-in. and 3/8-in. threaded rod, S-hooks, and bridle rings. The JH967-100 beam clamp for 1/8-in. to ½-in. flanges supports drive rings or bridle rings and requires only a hammer to install.

Platinum Tools

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