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Cable seals

Cable seals

Roxtec’s ComSeal LW and ComSeal AISI 316 have been added to the company’s cable entry product line.

Two products have been added to the company’s cable entry line. ComSeal LW is slim enough to fit EM modules and is IP 44- and UL-/NEMA 3R-approved. Available in four sizes, including a version for the FL 21 cut-out, this product features an aluminum frame and is supplied as a ready-made kit. ComSeal AISI 316 is suitable for use in corrosive environments, available in three sizes, and features an AISI 316 stainless steel frame. Also supplied as a ready-made kit, this product is IP 55- and UL-/NEMA 3-, 12-, and 12K-approved.


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