Amprobe AMP200 Series and AMP300 Series clamp meters

Clamp meters

True-rms Large backlit LCD display Non-contact voltage detection

The AMP-200 Series and AMP-300 Series of clamp meters offer true-rms for accurate voltage measurements even in the noisiest electrical environments, low pass filters for current and voltage measurements of variable frequency drives, and the Amp-Tip function for precise low current measurement down to a tenth of an Amp. Safety rated CAT III 600V, the AMP-210 600A AC and AMP-220 600A AC/DC general-purpose multimeter clamps deliver accurate measurement of current, voltage, and frequency on all electrical systems as well as capacitance measurement for start and run motor capacitors, and resistance and continuity to verify the quality of electrical connections and check motor and transformer coils. The AMP-300 Series is designed for motor maintenance applications — AMP-310 600A AC for HVAC motors, AMP-320 600A AC/DC for electrical and motor maintenance, and AMP-330 1,000A AC/DC for high-voltage industrial motor maintenance. These models feature 3-phase sequence and motor rotation to properly test the connection of a motor to a 3-phase system, inrush current to verify a motor is receiving the required current to support proper motor start, and HVAC capabilities. All five meters feature large backlit LCD displays, non-contact voltage detection, audible continuity, diode testing, data hold, and relative zero functions.


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