Allied Moulded Control XL Series compressionmolded enclosure

Compression-molded enclosure

40-in. × 32-in. fiberglass enclosure Molded-in back panel brass inserts Watertight seal for NEMA 4X rating

The compression-molded Control XL Series 40-in. × 32-in. fiberglass enclosure includes the company’s Ultraguard formulation, thus maintaining its aesthetic and structural integrity when exposed to extreme environments. Features include molded-in back panel brass inserts, compression-molded foot brackets for wall-mounting installation, and a 316 stainless steel 3-point latching handle system. A formed-in-place polyurethane gasket system provides a watertight seal to maintain the unit’s NEMA 4X rating.

Allied Moulded

For more information, visit the company website.

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