Nelson Heat Trace AX connector kits

Connection kits

Approved by CSA and FM for NEC Ordinary and Hazardous locations Reinforced standoffs to prevent cracking Carbon-impregnated eliminates static charge buildup

Approved by CSA and FM for NEC Ordinary and Hazardous locations, AX connector kits are constructed to withstand extreme conditions that would compromise a standard heat trace connector. The nonmetallic, impact-resistant polyester enclosures are rated IP66 and NEMA 4X, making them suitable for use in corrosive environments. The enclosures also feature reinforced standoffs to prevent cracking, along with being carbon-impregnated so static charge cannot buildup. DIN-rail mounted terminal blocks help when maintaining the connection, while spring-clamp terminals simplify wiring with no need to tighten screws. In addition, they fit all wattages of the company’s self-regulating heating cables (LT, HLT, QLT, and CLT).

Nelson Heat Trace

For more information, visit the Nelson Heat Trace homepage.

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