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GLL 215 crossline laser

Cross-line laser

Includes BM3 positioning device Can be paired with optional BP350 pole system Accurate to within 1/8 in. over 33 ft

The GLL 2-15 cross-line laser includes the BM3 positioning device, which can be magnetically attached to metal surfaces, set on the floor with retractable feet, mounted to drywall or wood with screws, or used for ceiling grid applications. In addition, the laser can be paired with the optional BP350 pole system, which allows users to perform leveling applications at greater heights, or the optional BS 150 compact tripod. The product’s smart pendulum leveling system quickly levels the unit and alerts the user if an out-of-level situation occurs. Once leveled, the device is accurate to within 1/8 in. over 33 ft and has a 50-ft working range. A secure transport lock protects the pendulum when the unit is switched off.


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