Knaack DataVault Mobile Solution Model 118M

Digital planning station

Easy integration with Business Information Modeling (BIM) Includes a 32-in. touchscreen monitor Storage locker fits a 5-gal bucket of tools

The DataVault Mobile Solution Model 118-M is a fully protected digital plan solution for onsite management. Designed to accommodate hardware and software all in one place, the planning station allows for easy integration with Business Information Modeling (BIM). Features include a 32-in. touchscreen monitor to view plans and specifications, a large storage locker to fit a 5-gal bucket of tools, heavy duty independent locking drawers tools and accessories, as well as additional technology components necessary to run any project. In addition, the product offers a Watchman IV independent locking design,  is built with 16-gauge steel, fits through a a standard 28-in.-wide steel door frame, and ships with wheel casters and 4-way skid access so that it can be placed with a forklift from all sides.


For more information, visit the product landing page.

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