Bosch DDH181X and HDH181X drill and hammer drilldriver

Drill and hammer drill/driver

Feature Active Response Technology Weigh 5 lb or less Measure less than 9 in. long

The DDH181X and HDH181X 18V drill and hammer/drill drivers feature Active Response Technology, which reduces the risk of kickback. An integrated acceleration sensor limits the tool's rotation by detecting sudden movements and cuts off motor current. Both tools are compatible with all of the company’s 18V Li-ion batteries, weigh 5 lb or less, measure less than 9 in. long, and include an auxiliary handle that features 23 positions and a tongue-and-groove locking structure for control. A 4-pole motor delivers 700 in.-lb of hard-torque in the DDH181X and 750 lb of hard-torque in the HDH181X.


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