Fluke 16232 and 16252 earth ground testers

Earth ground testers

Perform all four types of earth ground measurements USB connectivity Store up to 1,500 records

The 1623-2 and 1625-2 earth ground testers perform four types of earth ground measurements: 3- and 4-pole fall-of-potential, 4-pole soil resistivity, selective testing, and stakeless testing. Both units feature a large display and USB connectivity for storage of up to 1,500 records with time stamp and fast downloading of measurements. Accessories include heavy-duty stakes that can be hammered into hard ground, color-coded wires, and a rugged carrying case. Additional features of the 1625-2 model include automatic frequency control (AFC), R* measurement, adjustable limits, and battery level status.


For more information, visit www.fluke.com/egt.

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