Knipex electrical installation pliers

Electrical installation pliers

Knipex Tools’ electrical installation pliers include plastic-dipped, multicomponent grips or 1,000V insulated handles.

These electrical installation pliers perform six tasks in one 8-in. hand tool: cutting, stripping, crimping, gripping, bending, and deburring. The pliers offer the basic functions of five other tools essential for electrical installation, including side-cutting pliers, long-nose pliers, wire strippers, crimping pliers, and cable shears. Features include induction-hardened cutting edges for cutting copper and aluminum wire up to 9/16-in. stranded or 5/32-in. solid; stripping holes for 12 and 14 AWG; crimp die for 12-20 AWG; serrated gripping surfaces and pipe grip for flat and round material; smooth surface near the tips for a non-damaging grip when bending wire loops; and clear-cut outside edges for reaming conduit or pipe, and for deburring feed-through holes. Forged from high-grade special tool steel, the product also includes plastic-dipped, multicomponent grips or 1,000V insulated handles.

Knipex Tools

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