Electrical plugs

Electrical plugs

For use with all UL 1686- C1 receptacles Impact-modified PBT polyester housing Dual-molded locking ring

Powertite 30A and 60A non-metallic, corrosive-resistant plugs are for use with all UL 1686- C1 receptacles. Suitable for use in environments exposed to corrosives, frequent hose downs, or severe weather, features include an impact-modified PBT polyester housing that resists corrosion, deformation, and cracking, while UV-stabilization helps prevent degradation due to sun exposure. A dual-molded locking ring includes rigid plastic threads on the inside and a rubberized grip on the outside, allowing users to easily secure the plug to the receptacle — even while wearing gloves. Additional highlights include an extra-large wiring chamber with backed-out terminal screws and a screwless tab that locks the shell halves together in place with a simple push, ensuring a NEMA 4X watertight seal.


For more information, visit Appleton’s homepage.

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