Bud Industries IPV Series PCPC enclosure vent

Enclosure vent

For indoor and outdoor applications Offered in two sizes Comprised of polycarbonate plastic and 10% fiberglass  

Suitable for outdoor use, the IPV Series PC/PC wide opening external vent enables circulation of air while offering basic protection from outdoor elements and falling debris. The product is also suitable for indoor applications on larger cabinets where a vent helps to protect electronics from heat and moisture. Available in two sizes (2.91 in. × 2.91 in. × 1.1 in. and 3.95 in. × 3.95 in. × 1.25 in.), the vent is comprised of gray polycarbonate plastic and 10% fiberglass, allowing it to withstand exposure to ultraviolet light and water in accordance with UL 746C.

Bud Industries

For more information, visit the company’s homepage.

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