Appleton JBEP polyester enclosures and junction boxes

Enclosures and junction boxes

IP66 rating Non-metallic housings Resist static buildup

JBEP polyester enclosures and junction boxes offer impact-resistance, an IP66 rating to prevent water ingress, and are suitable for use in hazardous or highly corrosive environments, including those subject to frequent washdowns. Featuring non-metallic housings, the 5-mm fiberglass reinforced polyester feature an IK10 impact rating of 20 joules. In addition, because the material is carbon-filled, it resists static buildup to help eliminate the risk of electrical discharge. Sizes range from 85 mm × 85 mm × 60 mm to 750 mm × 320 mm × 230 mm, with a choice of empty, undrilled boxes as well as models preconfigured for instrumentation or electrical and power applications.


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