Hilti DX 2 powderactuated fastening tool

Fastening tool

Pole tool assembly available for overhead applications Fastener range of ½ in. to 2½ in and 2 in. to 7/8 in. Provides ability to access narrow s paces

The DX 2 powder-actuated fastening tool covers a range of applications, including attaching kicker plates to concrete; fastening sill plates; attaching drywall to concrete; fastening electrical cable holders to concrete; attaching chicken mesh to concrete; and fastening wood to concrete and steel.  For overhead applications, a pole tool assembly is available. With a fastener range of ½ in. to 2½ in and 2 in. to 7/8 in. (with pre-mounted washer), this tool provides the ability to access narrow spaces.


For more information, visit the product landing page.

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