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Field terminated fiber connectors

Field terminated fiber connectors

Field terminated fiber connectors provide fast, on-site installation.

The company’s fiber connector product line has been expanded to include field terminated models. No Polish ST connectors offer on-site installation of 250 micron and 900 micron terminations using a one-piece, pre-assembled design. No Polish Connector Jacket provides fast, on-site installation without an assembly tool. These LC- and SC-compatible versions are designed for the new generation on bend-insensitive single-mode and multi-mode fiber cables. Crimplok+ connectors offer field installations of 250 micron and 900 micron single-mode and multi-mode fiber. Combining the speed of mechanical splice connectors with the performance of fusion splice-on connectors, these models meet indoor and outdoor performance requirements without a splice, gel, or adhesive. In addition, they are SC-compatible with a metallic element that mechanically locks the fiber in place.


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