ASCO 4000 Series generator paralleling switchgear

Generator paralleling switchgear

High-end, custom capabilities Monitoring and control completely independent of operator touch screen Generator control completely independent from master controller

The redesigned ASCO 4000 Series generator paralleling switchgear offers high-end, custom capabilities in a mid-range system. The switchgear features monitoring and control that is completely independent of the operator touch screen, and generator control is completely independent from the master controller. A backup, hard-wired generator control circuit separate from the master controller maximizes reliability. Users are provided with detailed diagnostics for overall monitoring of critical system components, including digital power meters, digital gen-set controllers, programmable automation controllers, automatic transfer switches, and circuit breakers. By integrating power switching and control elements, the system can alert operators at the local switchgear, or via optional remote color touch screen.

Emerson Network Power

For more information, visit the product landing page.

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