Fluke TiX560 and TiX520 infrared cameras

Infrared cameras

180° articulating lens 5.7-in. responsive LCD touchscreen optional telephoto and wide-angle lenses

TiX560 and TiX520 infrared cameras offer a 180° articulating lens, allowing users to navigate over, under, and around objects. Featuring a 5.7-in. responsive LCD touchscreen — the largest in its class with 150% more viewing area compared to a 3.5-in. screen, the camera’s SuperResolution mode boosts resolution four times so the normal 320 × 240 (76,800 pixel) resolution of the images captured increases to 640 × 480 (307,200 pixels). Additionally, the product includes optional telephoto and wide-angle lenses. To ensure consistently in-focus images, the units feature the company’s LaserSharp Auto Focus, which uses a built-in laser distance meter to pinpoint the target, and accurately calculate and display the distance.


For more information, visit the product page.

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