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Laser with cross-line

Laser with cross-line

The GCL 25 laser with cross-line features one-button operation  

The GCL 25 laser with cross-line features one-button operation that can be used to quickly switch between its multiple self-leveling modes and slope mode. The tool’s five laser points are visible up to 100 ft and offer accuracy of ¼ in. for points and 1/8 in. for cross-line, with laser line visibility of up to 33 ft, according to the company. A keypad can be used for simple line and point selection, including self-leveling, plumb up and down, horizontal leveling, alignment, right angle setting, and laser cross-line. In self-leveling mode, the product offers a leveling range of 4° and alerts users with flashing lines when there is an out-of-level measure of greater than 4°. In addition, an ON/OFF sliding button provides a pendulum lock function for protection during transport.


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