Tetra LED box sign luminaires

LED box sign luminaires

The Tetra box sign luminaire family includes three models that offer a 50,000-hr life.

Tetra LED box sign luminaires deliver 25% to 105% of the brightness of standard Tetra models. Featuring the company’s OptiLens optical lens technology, the luminaires offer a 50,000-hr life. The PowerStrip High Output, available for single-sided box signs with 5 in. to 12 in. depths, and the PowerStrip High Output DSfor double-sided signs with 10 in. to 24 in. depths deliver up to 720 lm while providing up to 79% energy savings vs. T12HO fluorescent tubes. The Tetra miniStrip High Output, which is designed for single-sided cabinet signs with 3 in. to 6 in. depths, and the miniStrip High Output DS for double-sided signs with 6 in. to 12 in. depths deliver 192 lm to 240 lm. The EdgeStrip High Output is designed to mount either vertically or tightly along to the perimeter of custom-shaped cabinet signs with depths of 5 in. to 8 in. and offers light output of 200 lm to 410 lm.

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