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LED flood lamps

LED flood lamps

Designed to replace halogen lamps up to 90W, the PAR38WF-18W-001A Series of flood lamps are available in 3,000K or 5,000K color temperatures and offer a CRI greater than 80.

The PAR38WF-18W-001A Series features a softly diffused, precision domed lens that directs a high-lumen, wide beam of light in an omni-directional illumination pattern. Operating in an input range of 90VAC to 290VAC, the lamps are designed to replace halogen models up to 90W while consuming only 18W, resulting in energy savings of up to 85%. In addition, the products are available in 3,000K or 5,000K color temperatures, offer a CRI greater than 80, and maintain 70% or greater of LED lumens at 50,000 hr of operation.


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