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Maxlite Element Series LED floodlight

LED floodlights

MaxLite recently released the second generation of its Element Series LED floodlights.

The second generation Element Series features self-contained modular elements in various lumen output and optics capabilities. The DesignLights Consortium- (DLC-) certified floodlights replace metal-halide fixtures ranging from 250W to 1,000W and feature a modular housing design that can be specified in one, two, or three 135W modules with one of three beam angles in 22°, 55°, and 120°. Available in a 5,000K correlated color temperature (CCT), the models are constructed with a die-cast aluminum body that acts as a heat sink, as well as stainless steel bushings and adjustment protector plates. A tempered glass lens seals the module to protect against dust ingress and water to an IP65 rating, while the luminaire is engineered to operate at temperatures ranging from -22°F to 122°F.


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