MaxLite LFORM LED luminaire

LED luminaire

4-ft profile measures 2.5 in. deep and 4 in. wide Available in 22W and 44W versions that deliver up to 4,000 lm 3,500K and 4,100K color temperatures

The L-FORM is a slender LED luminaire designed to deliver illumination in narrow suspended or surface-mounted interior applications. With a 4-ft profile that measures 2.5 in. deep and 4 in. wide, the L-FORM is a suitable replacement for fluorescent luminaires in professional and retail interiors, stairwells, data centers, and parking garages. Available in 22W and 44W versions that deliver up to 4,000 lm, the product replaces multi-lamp 32-watt T8 fluorescent fixtures with more than 50% energy savings and twice the potential life, according to the company. Additional features include 3,500K and 4,100K color temperatures, high efficacy drivers that deliver in excess of 90 lm/W, and a translucent white diffuser with internally ribbed optics that minimizes glare. The 44W model is available with occupancy sensors, while non-sensor 44W and 22W versions are dimmable on 0V to 10V systems.


For more information, visit the product page.


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