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Claris LED retrofit kit from LED Living Technology

LED retrofit kit

LED Living Technology introduces the Claris LED tube-free retrofit kit for replacing fluorescent tubes

The Claris LED tube-free retrofit kit offers a modular design for replacing fluorescent tubes. Employing Rapid Thermafuse Technology and isotropic diffusion, the kit recycles existing troffer housings and saves as much as 75% in energy costs over fluorescent lamps, according to the company. With an installation process that can be completed in 5 min to 15 min, the UL-classified housing configurations include 2-ft × 2-ft recessed troffers, 2-ft × 4-ft recessed troffers, 1-ft × 4-ft recessed troffers, and 1-ft × 6-ft recessed troffers and larger. Other features include 130 lm/W performance and a CRI of 86.

LED Living Technology

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