ConTech Lighting LED tapelights

LED tapelight mounting channels

New mounting options include round and double wide Come in standard, recessed and angled versions

The company’s LED tapelight family now includes two additional mounting channel options: double wide and round. Along with the new mounting channels, the tapelights also come in standard, recessed, and angled mounting channel versions. For added protection of the LEDs, as well as subtle diffusion and glare control, a clear or frosted lens may be used with any mounting option. In addition, the tapelights now come in a 3,500K color temperature option in the super high output line and 2,700K and 3,500K color temperatures in in the high output line. Offering plug-and-play installation, the tapelights can be field cut and reused without the need for soldering or crimping.

ConTech Lighting

For more information, visit the company website.


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