DeWalt 20V MAX Premium XR Liion battery packs

Li-ion battery packs

Available in 2.0 Ah (DCB203) and 4.0 Ah (DCB204) versions, 20V MAX* Premium XR Li-ion battery packs feature a 3-LED Fuel Gauge System.

20V MAX* Premium XR Li-ion battery packs are available in 2.0 Ah (DCB203) and 4.0 Ah (DCB204) versions. Designed to provide 33% longer runtime than the company’s standard 20V MAX* battery packs, both models are lightweight and feature a 3-LED Fuel Gauge System, which allows immediate feedback on the state of charge. Furthermore, there is no memory effect and virtually no self-discharge. The 2.0 Ah version will be included in of the company’s compact brushless tool kits, including combo kits, and the 4.0 Ah model will be included in the company’s premium individual brushless tool kits.


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