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Lightning arresters

Lightning arresters

Designed for Types III and IV lightning protection, these lightning arresters feature a locking mechanism to secure the connector in the base element as well as plugs with a thermal disconnect device.

The VAL-MS-T1/T2 lightning arresters are rated for Type 1 lightning strike events with a measured 10/350 µs test current (Iimp) of 12.5kA or Type 2 surge events with a measured 8/20 µs maximum discharge surge current (Imax) of 50kA. The varistor-based VALVETRAB T1/T2 provides maximum surge protection in an easy-to-use DIN rail-mount base. All arrester plugs feature a thermal disconnect device, triggering the visual and the integrated remote monitoring contacts to allow continuous monitoring of the varistor’s health. A locking mechanism keeps the connector in the base element, even when subjected to high lightning currents or vibration, and can be released with single-handed operation to perform isolation measurements or other checks.

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