MacCap Lighting MCLK Luminaire kit

Luminaire kit

Illuminates dock surfaces without blinding pedestrians or approaching vessels Nonmetallic and corrosion-resistant Accepts CFL or incandescent lamps

The MCLK luminaire kit illuminates dock surfaces without blinding pedestrians or approaching vessels. Made for harsh marine environments, the nonmetallic product is corrosion-resistant. The kit includes: fixture (black, white, or paintable); Mac-Cap Luminaire Slip Fitter and weatherproof gasket; 4-in. round junction box; connector; leveling and riser components; pre-punched piling cap available in ½-in. sizes, ranging from 5½ in. to 18-in.; and stainless steel mounting hardware. In addition, the product accommodates CFL or incandescent (60W max) lamps.

MAC-CAP Lighting

For more information, visit the company website.

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