CAS Dataloggers mobile energy measurement case

Mobile energy measurement case

Acquires digital impulses from electricity, gas, and water meters Features a 3-phase power measuring unit Configured via LAN

Developed by Delphin Technology, this energy measurement case is designed to acquire digital impulses from electricity, gas, and water meters. The mobile device helps users analyzing or recording energy data as well as service providers commissioned by clients to record energy measurements. Especially suited to fault data acquisition, vibration analysis, and quality assurance, the case features a 3-phase power measuring unit for measuring the electrical power from motors, pumps, drives, etc. Energy data from PLC or control systems can also be acquired via field bus interfaces. In addition, the product is configured via LAN and then functions independently via data memory capable of storing several million measurement values. The case can also be equipped with a UMTS modem to enable wireless operation for remote monitoring applications.

CAS Data Loggers

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