Storiage Battery Systems SBS600 graphical digital multimeter


True rms industrial graphical digital multimeter Stores up to 10,000 readings with recall ability 50,000-count, 3.5-in., high-resolution display

The SBS-600 is a true rms industrial graphical digital multimeter and data logger featuring trend capture and analysis. Designed to store up to 10,000 readings with recall ability, the multimeter includes a 50,000-count, 3.5-in., high-resolution display that allows users to zoom in on trends and view captured data. In addition, the unit offers user-friendly PC integration software with a USB cable to access real-time PC connection/data logging, or download to the software and export to Excel. Other features include efficiency measurement and ripple noise measurement as well as the capability of measuring all power circuit efficiencies, including DC-to-DC converter and total instrument efficiency readouts.

Storage Battery Systems

For more information, visit the SBS-600 landing page.

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