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Lighting Science Group NeoCor outdoor luminaire

Outdoor luminaire

The NeoCor outdoor luminaire features PixelView occupancy controls, which are not affected by ambient conditions and detect movement of any object within the field of view.

Designed to directly replace 320W metal-halide canopy fixtures, the IP65-rated NeoCor outdoor luminaire with PixelView occupancy controls provides more than 60% reduction in operating costs at up to 12,000 lm, according to the company. PixelView occupancy controls use image sensing and video processing to accurately detect and characterize motion. Unlike passive infrared (PIR) technology, PixelView is not affected by ambient conditions and detects movement of any object within its field of view accurately trigger the luminaire to smoothly move into full brightness. Recessed canopy, surface-, and pendant-mount options are offered, while wire and driver access from the bottom makes installation and maintenance easy.

Lighting Science Group

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