Access Fixtures Oval LED wall packs

Oval LED wall packs

Offered in packages ranging from 32W to 126W Available in two models 100,000-hr life

This line of LED wall packs is available in packages ranging from 32W to 126W and in two configurations. One emits light both up and down and the other emits light either up or down. The models that emit light either up or down are available in 32W and 63W, and offer 4,431 lm and 8,862 lm, respectively. The models that emit light both up and down come in 64W, 95W, and 126W packages and feature 8,862 lm, 13,293 lm, and 17,724 lm, respectively. Offering a 100,000-hr life, both products are available in 4,300K or 5,700K color temperatures and are dimmable. Other features include a corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum housing with a bronze or white powder-coat finish over chromate conversion coating.

Access Fixtures

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