ASCO Series 336 paralleling system

Paralleling system

Paralleling switchgear based on a transfer switch Footprint as small as 28 in. deep × 38 in. wide Up to four levels of load control

The ASCO Series 336 is the industry's first paralleling switchgear based on a transfer switch, according to the company. The system combines paralleling switchgear components, a dual-operator closed transition transfer switch mechanism, and a controller in a single enclosure with a footprint that can be as small as 28 in. deep × 38 in. wide. Up to four levels of load control maximizes protection for priority one loads by first shedding load levels four, three, and two in order. An operating method adds loads based on actual kilowatts rather than the number of gen-sets, regardless of how many gen-sets are operating. Other system management tools include generator management, start next generator on alarm, and run-time management.

Emerson Network Power

For more information, visit the ASCO brand page on the Emerson Network Power website.

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