Schaffner EMC ECOSine passive harmonic filters

Passive harmonic filters

Plug-and-play design Operate at 99% efficiency Available in two model types

ECOSine 60-Hz passive harmonic filters feature a plug-and-play design and more compact dimensions than comparable products, according to the company. Suitable for use with non-linear loads, the filters operate at 99% efficiency. Installed at the typical 3-phase voltage of 480VAC (± 10%), at 60 Hz (± 1 Hz), these products reduce harmonics to meet IEEE-519 (2014). The filters are available in two model types (FN3412) <5% THDi and (FN3418) 7-10% THDi.  Standard products are panel mounted (to 250 hp) and open type (to 500 hp).

Schaffner EMC

For more information, visit the company website.

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