JLG Industries LiftPod FT140 person portable lift

Personal portable lift

Telescoping mast Enclosed platform Platform height of 14 ft and working height of 20 ft

The LiftPod FT140 person portable lift features a telescoping mast, allowing users to stand in an enclosed platform and move hands-free in a 360° range of motion.  The platform also includes a lanyard anchorage point for tying off at height. Powered by a dual 36V Li-ion battery system, the lift features a platform height of 14 ft and a working height of 20 ft, casters on the back wheels that allow it to be moved by one person, a work tray that can hold up to 33 lb of tools and materials (for a total platform capacity of 330 lb), and an aircraft-quality aluminum mast.

JLG Industries

For additional information, visit the JLG Liftpod landing page.

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