Controlled Power Co Series 700A power conditioners

Power conditioners

Includes 350K, 400K, 450K, and two additional 500K models Provides voltage regulation Includes a triple-shielded isolation transformer

Additional 3-phase sizes have been added to the company’s Series 700A power conditioners. The new sizes (350K, 400K, 450K, and two additional 500K models) offer more UL-listed choices for users who desire a tap-switching power conditioner (with and without bypass) that provides voltage regulation and includes a triple-shielded isolation transformer. Available in numerous single- and 3-phase sizes, the power conditioners can be installed in front of a UPS when a facility power source is routinely fluctuating outside of the UPS's normal operating input voltage window. The product regulates the voltage to the UPS and reduces the UPS's battery usage.

Controlled Power Co.

For more information, visit the product landing page.

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