Ideal Power 125kW power converters

Power converters

3-port hybrid converter 2-port battery converter Features the company’s Power Packet Switching Architecture 

This 125kW power converter family includes a 3-port hybrid converter and 2-port battery converter. Featuring the company’s Power Packet Switching Architecture (PPSA), which eliminates the need for an isolation transformer, the converters are designed to lower costs and improve efficiency for integrating PV and energy storage solutions up to megawatt scale, as well as provide off grid and grid resilient (grid-tied battery backup) capabilities. The hybrid converter supports integration of energy storage with PV, wind, or combustion generators and weighs about 400 lb. The battery converter supports bidirectional battery conversion and weighs approximately 325 lb. Both products are expected to have 96.5% CEC-weighted efficiency.

Ideal Power

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