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Power distribution cabinet

Power distribution cabinet

The Liebert RX remote power distribution cabinet is designed for 50-Hz and 60-Hz applications, features a 24-in. × 12-in. footprint or a 24-in. × 24-in. footprint, and offers multiple configuration options

Designed for 50 Hz and 60 Hz applications, the Liebert RX remote power distribution cabinet offers 400A and 84 poles in one panelboard in a 24-in. × 12-in. footprint, and up to 168 poles in a 24-in. × 24-in. footprint. The cabinet features multiple configuration options that accommodate current site needs and future growth, while allowing optimization of data center floor space. Up to four floor- or wall-mounted units can be easily configured in multiple space-saving clusters that fit standard raised-floor data center environments. In addition, the product offers monitoring at the panelboard level with Current Plus Monitoring (CPM) and monitoring at the branch circuit level with Liebert Distribution Monitoring (LDMF).

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