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Power monitoring app

Power monitoring app

Available on iTunes, this free app transforms an Applie iPad into a fully functioning PowerSight meter control panel, data display, and recording device; facilitates safe operation in hazardous locations; and provides wizard screens that simplify meter setup and operation.

The Powersight Manager software for the Apple iPad (PSM-i) is now available as a free app download on Apple iTunes. With PSM-i installed on an iPad, users can setup, operate, display, and analyze data graphically from a WiFi-enabled PowerSight meter. The Wizard Screens feature provides a simple and intuitive guide to planning and setting up a power study. In addition, users can view dozens of high-resolution screens that allow real-time access to waveforms and phasor diagrams as well as multi-meter displays of instantaneous power values. The product also enables users to record and download monitoring data, and then review, store and/or email the results.

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