Legrand Mighty Mo 20 rack system

Rack system

Designed for any size LAN, SAN, or data center Accommodates copper and fiber cabling Supports any network equipment

The Mighty Mo 20 rack system for any size LAN, SAN, or data center accommodates copper and fiber cabling and supports any network equipment. Each rack is designed to protect permanent installations where cables have been pulled, terminated, and tested in the back while the front provides easy access to connections that need to be changed regularly. There are 26 new racks, including 12 channel racks with hex perforations and 14 four-post racks. There are also 20 new vertical finger managers (11 with slam latch doors and nine with split covers), 18 new lightweight airflow baffles, and four economy managers with latches. Deeper vertical managers with up to 40% more room and channel rack depths up to 30-in. provide improved capacity.


For more information, visit www.legrand.us.

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