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Recessed downlighting system

Recessed downlighting system

The Halo ML56 LED recessed downlighting system features LED downlight modules available in multiple wattages/lumen packages and color temperatures that are interchangeable with dedicated 5-in and 6-in downlight and directional trims. The trim collection includes wall wash trims with a repositionable kick reflector and shower-rated baffles. Available color temperatures include 2,700 K, 3,000 K, 3,500 K, and 4,000 K options with either an 80 CRI (minimum) or 90 CRI (minimum) option depending on the model selected. The series offers two lumen packages, including the 600 series (9.0W/80 CRI and 10.2W/90 CRI) and 900 series (13.4W/80 CRI or 90 CRI). The 600 series offers up to 708 lumens and the 900 series produces up to 1,010 lumens depending on the trim and color temperature selection.

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