USAI Lighting BabyLED recessed LED downlight

Recessed LED downlight

Shallowest recessed LED downlight housing on the market Measures less than 3 in. tall Delivers more than 1150 lm and 64 lm/W

The BabyLED offers the shallowest recessed LED downlight housing on the market, according to the company. Measuring less than 3 in. tall, the product can be used in any space with minimal changes to finished ceiling height. The downlight delivers more than 1150 lm and 64 lm/W in a variety of white color temperatures — all from a 3-in. aperture. In addition, the device’s die-cast aluminum trim is available in multiple styles and finishes, including white, statuary bronze, black, metalized grey. Anodized finishes and custom colors are also offered.

USAI Lighting

For additional information, visit the company website.


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