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Rigid conduit expansion coupling

Rigid conduit expansion coupling

XJG-TB rigid conduit expansion coupling

The XJG-TB rigid conduit expansion coupling features a tamper-proof internal bonding jumper, reducing installation to a 3-step process. According to the company, no disassembly is needed during installation. Available in sizes from ¾ in. to 5 in., with 4-in. or 8-in. movement (except for the 5-in. size, which is available only in 8-in. movement), the coupling’s body is made of malleable or ductile iron, plated internally and externally with zinc, and painted with aluminum acrylic. A PVC coating is also available.
In addition, the product is UL-listed as suitable for wet locations pursuant to File #23018, Standard 514B, and is CSA-certified pursuant to Standard C22.2, No. 18.

Thomas & Betts

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