Makita HR5212C rotary hammer

Rotary hammer

Up to 89% less vibration than the previous model Vibration rating of 9m/s² 15A motor delivers 19 Joules (14 ft-lb) impact energy

The HR5212C 2-in. Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) rotary hammer offers up to 89% less vibration than the previous model, with no compromise in impact energy. Featuring a vibration rating of 9m/s², the rotary hammer includes a 15A motor that delivers 19 Joules (14 ft-lb) of impact energy for faster drilling. In addition, the tool features the option of lock-on or trigger-activated in the "chipping only" mode, with a pushbutton start/stop control in front of the rear handle for convenient operation. Other highlights include soft start, a torque-limiting clutch, and constant speed control that automatically applies additional power to the motor to maintain speed under load.


For more information, visit the product page.

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