On-site power control system

On-site power control system

On-site power control system is equipped with dual PLC controls for automatic generator set starting and stopping, status and alarm annunciation, synchronizing, and priority load control. A primary PLC controls system operation with a backup PLC running the same program as the primary. If both PLCs were to fail, a manual control system allows operating personnel to synchronize and parallel the generators onto the bus, as well as to add and shed load. The instruments and other devices that facilitate manual operation — including generator main bus volt meter, frequency meter, and synchroscope — are mounted on a hinged panel that can be specified to swing either left or right for easy viewing from adjacent control cubicles during manual operation. In addition to emergency power, system designs may include a variety of sophisticated control functions such as peak shaving, load curtailment, and utility paralleling for both open-transition transfer and live-source closed-transition transfer. Closed-transition transfer allows retransfer and system testing without disturbing the load. Prime power/cogeneration systems are also available.

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