EMon DinMon smart meters

Smart meters

Housed in standard DIN rail-mount enclosures Four-line display 0.333V output split-core current sensors

Din-Mon kWh/kW smart meters are housed in standard DIN rail-mount enclosures. The single-protocol (Din-Mon D2) and dual-protocol (Din-Mon D5) meters facilitate integration of advanced energy monitoring into building automation systems, switchgear, control panels, server racks, renewable energy systems, and other space-constrained applications. Features include: four-line display (kWh; volts, amps, and power factor per phase; real-time load in kW; and more); built-in RS-485 communications); and 0.333V output split-core current sensors (standard) that allow for enhanced safety and remote mounting of sensors up to 500 ft from meter. Optional solid-core sensors and 100mA output sensors are also available.


For more information, visit E-Mon’s homepage.

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