Calbrite Calstrut stainless steel foodgrade channel

Stainless steel food-grade channel

Designed for wash-down applications or damp environments Opens at a downward angle Available in 12 in., 24 in., and 120 in. lengths

Calstrut stainless steel food-grade channel is designed for wash-down applications or damp environments. The channel opens at a downward angle, which eliminates the possibility of bacteria growth or other unwanted particles to remain present. In addition, the product is manufactured free of sharp edges and corners. The Trapeze Mount model is installed horizontally to hang the conduit from the ceiling or overhead structure, while the Wall Mount option can be installed vertically or horizontally. Both styles are manufactured in type 304 12-gauge stainless steel and are available in 12 in., 24 in., and 120 in. lengths.


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