Milwaukee Tool step drill bits

Step drill bits

Jam-free performance Deliver up to 2X faster hole times Range in size from ½ in. to 13/8 in.

Designed to deliver jam-free performance, these step drill bits are optimized for high-speed cordless drills. Featuring a Rapid Strike tip, the step bits prevent bit walking and deliver fast, accurate starts that generate less heat, according to the company. Coupled with a dual flute step geometry, these products deliver up to 2X faster hole times, provide up to 4X longer life, and offer up to 50% more holes per battery charge than the competition. They also feature a black oxide coating, laser-engraved reference marks visible while drilling, and a 3-flat Secure-Grip. Ranging in size from ½ in. to 13/8 in., the bits come in 11 different models and three kit variations.

Milwaukee Tool

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