Pfannenberg PYRAM strobe light

Strobe light

Choice of 5 joule or 10 joule flash energy IP66 protection Vandal-resistant polycarbonate lens impact rated to IK 08

The PYRA-M strobe light features a pyramid design and a choice of 5 joule or 10 joule flash energy. Offering a wide temperature range and IP66 protection, the strobe light can be used outdoors in any climate or in wash-down applications. The ABS/polycarbonate enclosure is flame-retardant and resilient against UV sunlight, while the vandal-resistant polycarbonate lens is impact rated to IK 08. Installation is simplified with a flanged, surface-mount base and redundant terminal strip for daisy-chained electrical connections. Additional features include variety of colors, choice of flash rates, automatic multi-unit flash synchronization, and optional integral 100 dB multi-tone sounder. According to the company, the product offers a rated longevity in excess of 8 million flashes.


For more information, visit the company website.


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